Game LXVII: The Battle for the Iron Throne
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List of Players
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House Targaryen

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Section 1

Welcome to the latest installment of A Game Of Thrones Mafia. Even if you've played before, please at least skim these rules.

If you're new to the game, you might find the following links useful:

A Short Introduction to Mafia
This introduction is primarily aimed at people who have never played the game in any form before, but also contains some information that might be useful for people who have merely not played on this board before.

Flash Introduction To Mafia
Another quick introduction, featuring a short sample game.  However, note that the rules used here vary in several key ways from the rules of this game.

The GOT Mafia Discussion Board
For spectators who want to discuss the game away from the players.

If you would like to play in the game, then send a PM to me indicating your desire to do so.

Section 2
Before The Game

Everyone who is playing will be sent a PM assigning them an alt and telling them their login name and password just before the game starts.  If you think you should have been given an alt but haven't been, please contact the mods.  Do not post about it on the thread.

As soon as you have been given an alt you are an active player. You will continue to be an active player until your character is killed in the game or you are replaced by the mods. If you are replaced, please do not post on the thread any more.

The alt that you have been assigned should have received a PM listing your role and alignment.  Your alignment is your team.  Mafia is a team game, and there is no individual winning or losing.

You are either playing for the innocents, or for the assassins.  If you are playing for the innocents, your goal is to uncover all of the assassins before they kill all of you.  If you are playing for the assassins your goal is, obviously enough, to not get caught until you have killed all of the innocents.

In addition to your faction you will also have been given a role (this role may of course be 'no role').  Players with any role other than simply Killer or Roleless Innocent may belong to any faction.

Section 3
During The Game

The game is divided into two phases: day and night.  During the day people can vote for people they want to lynch (remove from the game) or vote to go to night without lynching.  At night people with roles can perform special actions; in particular the Killers can pick one innocent to target and attempt to kill.  Some roles may also have the ability to perform special actions during the day.

Discussion on the thread can continue freely during both phases of the game.

During the day, people can vote for someone to be lynched or vote to end the day without lynching anyone ('vote to go to night'). You can only have one vote outstanding at any time, but need not have any vote at all. To remove a vote without voting for night, simply 'remove vote'. You cannot ever vote for yourself.

All votes must be in bold to be counted. Please make new votes in new posts, don't just edit old ones; this makes it much easier for the mods to keep track of votes properly.

As soon as a majority of votes have cast for one decision, the day is over. While the mods will post to officially declare this, the day actually ends as soon as the final vote is cast. Anyone lynched is now dead and cannot post on the thread any more. When the mods post to announce their death they will reveal that player's alt and the faction to which they belonged.  Votes cannot be withdrawn and new votes cannot be made.

A majority means either more than half the number of people playing (for a conviction) or half or more of this number (for a vote to go to night)

The day will also end without anyone being lynched if the players cannot reach a consensus within 30 hours.

During the night, some players will have the ability to perform special actions.  To do so, they should PM the mods either before night falls or up to 8 hours after it does so.  Note that no player ever has to perform an action, but that to do nothing they should PM the mods stating their desire to carry out 'no action'.   Also note that it is acceptable for PMs sent in before night falls to list alternative actions depending on the outcome of the day.  If such a PM is sent which does not specify what action to take given the way the day actually ended, the mods will act as if no PM was sent.  In this case, it is the player's responsibility to send in a new night action PM.

If not all PMs are received within this time, everyone who has failed to send in a PM will be considered to have taken no action. In addition, those who failed to send in a PM will be warned by the mods or may risk further penalties (up to and including modkilling or replacement).

Because of this, we strongly recommend that players send in provisional night action PMs.  Such PMs may be sent in during either the day or the night, and may be changed at any time up until the point they become definite.  A provisional PM becomes definite as soon as the mods have received definite PMs from all other players who can perform night actions  or as soon as the time limit for the night is reached.  Provisional PMs may also be confirmed as definite by the people who sent them in, and in fact the mods urge people to confirm any provisional PMs they send as soon as they are happy with them in the interests of shorter nights.

To be clear: the night can last as long as it does so that everybody who needs to will have time to send in a PM.  It does not last this long to give people lots of extra time to think about their choice of night action.  Shorter nights make the mods happier.

PMs to the mod can be changed at any point before the new day is announced, provided there is a legitimate reason for the change. What exactly constitutes a legitimate reason is left to the discretion of the mods.

Note that you do not need to give a reason for changing a provisional PM.

To help the mods, please state the reason you are changing your PM when you send in a new choice.

Once the mods have received all PMs (or the time limit for night has been reached) they will post a morning scene to inform everyone on the thread of the result of the night's actions. If an action was blocked or prevented for some reason no mention will be made of this fact. There are no hidden clues in the death scenes. All night actions sent in will be considered to have occurred simultaneously. As soon as this post is made the new day will begin and any players who have been killed at night will be dead.  The mods will reveal the alts and faction of any dead players.  The time limit for the new day will begin with this post.

The game begins during a day phase and will continue to alternate between phases until the game ends. The game can end during either the day or the night.

Section 4
General Conduct

By signing up to play, you agree that you will do your best to be involved in the game and will be able to post on the thread as long as you remain an active player. In particular, all players must make at least one post every 24 hours (and PM the mods within 8 hours of night falling if you have a role with night powers). If, during the game, you realise you will have to be inactive for (slightly) longer than the required period please contact the mods privately to let them know. The mods will then post an announcement on the thread so that everyone will be aware of the absence in advance.  Intentionally not posting for 24 hours for strategy reasons is an egregious breach of this rule and the spirit of the game.

Anyone who fails to post within the required time and has not informed the mods will be automatically mod-killed or replaced if a replacement is available.  Though the mods will post to announce the death, this will only be as confirmation of an event that has already happened.

PMs from or to the mods should stay private. Please do not post them on the thread or offer to do so.   Please also avoid discussing the timing of your PMs if you are a roled player.  That is, while you may post on the thread during the night to say you have sent in your PM, please do not post to tell people that have sent in your PM at a certain time, you have not yet sent in a PM, or that you plan to wait a certain length of time before doing so.

Discussion of the alts of living players on the thread is frowned upon. In particular we ask that you do not reveal your own alt or attempt to make arguments based on it.   Note that this rule does not simply mean you cannot explicitly say who you are on the thread; references to past games that make no attempt to hide your role in them or changes to your alt's signature are also strongly discouraged and the mods may ask you to edit any post in which you are considered to have implicitly revealed your alt in this fashion.

When a player dies, the mods will reveal the alt of that player. Once the mods reveal a player's alt, it is of course fine with us if you discuss it.

Please try not to use off-thread information such as which players have recently been active, who is currently viewing the thread or anything of the sort as a basis for either your arguments or your actions.
More specifically, do not post any such information on the thread. If you do so we will certainly ask you to edit it out and may take further action.

To be clear: it is perfectly fine to discuss the times at which a player has posted as this information is available on the thread.  However, discussing the times at which the player was viewing the thread is not, as this information is not on the thread.  We recommend that all players log in anonymously - both when viewing the game thread and when on the discussion board - while the game is ongoing.

Active players should not discuss any part of the game with each other outside the thread.  Active players should also avoid discussing the game with people who aren't playing (other than the mods), and should certainly limit themselves to general comments about the game if they do choose to do so.

Active players should also not give anyone else access to the their alt. Please do not change the password of your alt account as it is important that the mods know all the passwords in case you need to be replaced. In rare circumstances you may be allowed to have somebody else make a post for you using your alt. However, this can only be done with the consent of the mods, and it is up to them to give the account information to the person standing in for you.

Please avoid making personal attacks on other players in the thread.  If you feel someone else on the thread has said something objectionable, you may contact the mods to register your feelings.  However, what exactly constitutes a personal attack is left to the discretion of the mods.

If the mods feel a personal attack has been made, they will ask the player in question to edit the offending posts (and to not make any such comments in future, of course).  In exceptional circumstances, or if the behaviour in question continues, they may feel forced to take further action.

Please remember that this a team game, and that by signing up you agree to do your best to help your faction win.  The mods will not be amused if anyone playing decides (for whatever reason) to try to stop their own team from winning.  Anyone who does this should expect to be modkilled ... and should not expect to play in any other game the mods run, for that matter.

In short: please remember that this is a game, and that the aim is to have fun, but not at the expense of other people playing.  Any questions about conduct that are not answered here can almost certainly be decided by considering this fact.  If you think you shouldn't do something, you probably shouldn't.  At the very least, please PM the mods for advice before you do anything you think may be considered questionable by other people playing.

Mafia is run on the honour system and only works as a game if we trust in the good faith of our fellow players.

Section 5

The game is only over when a mod posts in the thread to announce that it is over.  Even if you know (or believe you know) the result of the game before then, please do not post in the thread if you are not an active player.

The mods will declare the game over and a win for one side or the other as soon as one faction achieves its winning conditions, listed below.  If for any reason it becomes impossible for either faction to achieve its winning conditions, the mods will declare the game a draw.

The innocents win if every one of the killers is killed, and at least one innocent is still alive.

The assassins win once all the innocents are dead.  (Note that if everybody dies this faction will win.)

Additionally, the mods reserve the right to end the game at any time before this (as a win for either side, a draw, or any other result they deem appropriate) provided there are exceptional and compelling reasons to do so.  In general, the mods will end the game early as soon as one faction's victory becomes inevitable.

When the game is over, the mods will reveal the alts and roles of everybody who played and also give everyone access to the spectator threads on the other board.

Section 6

Despite the best intentions of the mods, it is possible that these rules contain mistakes, ambiguities or contradictions.  If you think you have spotted any, please PM the mods as soon as possible to let them know. If the mods agree that there is a problem with the rules, they will post on the thread to announce this and change the rules accordingly.

Players are in general encouraged to send in their thoughts to the mods throughout the game, to be posted on the spoiler discussion thread.    The mods reserve the right to edit any thoughts they receive before posting them, but will generally post all thoughts unchanged.

In general, only the mods and active players should post on the game thread during the game.  Dead players and spectators should ask the game mods for access to the spoiler forum on the discussion board if they wish to comment on the game.  Equally, people posting on the game thread should try to restrict themselves to comments about the game - if they wish to make an out of character comment on the thread they should clearly denote their comment as such by writing it in italics.  However such comments should be made very rarely, if at all.

If something happens in the game that is not covered by these rules, it is up to the mod to decide how to deal with it.  The mods' decision on this matter is final. However, the mods will endeavour to have as small an impact on the game as possible, intervening only when they feel it is necessary to keep the game running and not doing so to favour any one side or group of players over another.

These rules have been adapted from the Westeros mafia standard ruleset by the game mod for this game and are copyrighted by the Westeros mafia community at A Song of Ice and Fire discussion board and aGoT mafia discussion board.  These rules are not to be copied or adapted for use on another board without permission from the Westeros mafia community, which can be applied for by contacting one of the metamods: Plessiez, unJon or Sophelia.

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House Targaryen

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Faction: Game Mod
Role: Game Mod
Special rules

daytime limit: 32 hours

nighttime limit: 8 hours (we love provisionals, you know)

modkill limit: 24 hours

replacements: only before day 2 starts

CF: yes, you get one

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House Targaryen

Identity: -
Faction: Game Mod
Role: Game Mod
List of possible roles


is able to survive one, two or three attacks by the FM


has one, two or three investigations during the game; symps will come up innocent


has one, two or three attempts two investigate another player; FM will come up innocent

clarification (since one player asked already): a symp finder will find out if his investigation target is a symp or not


Two players who know each others identity. Friends are always innocent.


has one, two or three attempts two guard another player


has one, two or three attempts to heal another player


wins the game if he's the last one standing together with one other player


is able to kill one, two or three players at night once during the game


usually helps the FM to win this game; knows the identity of all the FM if evil; will come up innocent if investigated by a finder

Roles may belong to both factions.

Roles may be combined or used multiple times.

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House Targaryen

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Faction: Game Mod
Role: Game Mod

The crowd cheered as the Queen was entering the Great Sept of Baelor. Everyone wanted to see the magic dragonlady who defeated the Others and forced them to retreat back beyond the Wall. Today she would receive the blessings by the High Sept before the offical coronation ceremony would take place the next day. Queen Daenerys was as beautiful as the legend said, her skin made of silk and surrounded by the famous silver Targaryen hair. The stern look of her purple eyes contravened the smile on her face. The small man who stood near the entrance of the Sept could see that she was prepared to take the Iron Throne - and to defend it against any threat from outside, and, even more precarious, from inside. How annoying......

Lord Peter Baelish thoughtfully stroke his pointed beard. How annoying, he thought again, tomorrow that little Targ bitch will sit on the Iron throne. He should have killed her when it still was a valid option, but somehow he underestimated the threat that she posed to his cunning plans.

Viserys, oh, Viserys had been a fool full of childish hope and ridiculous dreams. Easy to control. And still his younger sister in contrast seemed to be a negligibilty, a weak and harmless puppet. But she did prove him wrong. Today every major house supported her claim, and his own plans had fallen into pieces. But the Iron Throne is meant to be mine, he thought with anger. And he still had an ace in his sleeve.

He had to improvise again, but fortunatly he still had some people under his thumb who would help him to get what was rightfully his. In his time as master of coin and owner of half of King's Landing's brothels he successfully assured himself the loyality of many noble men. He paid their debts, he suppressed their dirty secrets, he kept their bastards hidden. Yes, it had been quite easy to find some helping hands.

Tomorrow, he thought, tomorrow the throne will be mine. And Daenerys is going to look flabbergasted! The thought made him smile. No, the bitch shouldn't have interfered with his plans. Tomorrow will be payback time. Tomorrow. Until then he would think of the old times when Catelyn was baking him tea and cookies while those fools around him were celebrating their little queen.

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House Targaryen

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Faction: Game Mod
Role: Game Mod
The White Cloak

It was still dark when Ser Barristan Selmy left the White Sword Tower. He knew that at this special day everything was important and he wanted to visit the throne room before the servants would begin to prepare the vast hall for the coronation ceremony. On his way he noticed that some people still were celebrating. He heard a distant sound of laughter and nervously put a hand on his sword belt. There were too many people in the Red Keep in these days. If he had gotten his way, the guests would have resided outside the Keep, but Daenerys had decided that it was the Queen's duty to host her vassals.

He nervously passed through a dark passage, but despite a big fat cat he met no one until he reached the entrance to the throne room. The two guards saluted when they saw the Commander of the Queen's Guard. Ser Barristan nodded silently. The guards looked tired, and the smell of alcohol filled the air in front of them. Ser Barristan frowned but said nothing. It had been Lord Baelish's idea to recruit the guards from each of the great houses as a sign of honour. Of course these nobles were not trained, and their duty of being a guard did not prevent them from joining the celebrations in the evening before.

Ser Barristan entered the throne room. The windows had been already decorated with fine silken tapestries showing the black three-headed Targaryen on a full red. In daylight the decration looked pretty impressive, but now it turned the throne room into something similar like a very big dark cell. The eyes of the old man needed some time to get used to the dark. He looked around, and everything seemed to be allright. But then he felt something was strange.  He went back outside to take one of the torches. As he entered the throne room again, he still could only see the front part of the hall.

Something is not right here. He had a bad feeing in his stomach, and he drew his sword from his belt. Carefully he took step after step further into the darkness. The tapestries and the flame of the torch flooded the floor in a red light. But then he looked closer, and he suddenly realized that something else was responsible for the red colour. There were stains on the floor, red stains. He made two more steps further and saw the two corpses. As he came closer he recognized the faces of the two dead men. It were the two Targaryen guards that were guarding the back entrance of the throne room. They're throats had been slit and their eyes still stared in surprise.

Ser Barristan was shocked. Someone had sneaked into the throne room and killed two of his best men. But why? he asked himself. Then a horrible thought crossed his mind. Daenerys had a light sleep recently, and in almost every night she wandered through the Keep. She said that she wanted to feel the past and absorb the history of her family. What if..... He turned around and alarmed the guards. "Did you see Lady Daenerys?" he asked the two tired men. They looked at each other, then one of them, who wore the Tarly colours said "Uhm, no, Ser. Nobobdy has entered the throne room since we're here." Ser Barristan instructed them not to leave and to let no one pass.

Only five minutes later he returned with a dozen Targaryen guards. Everyone of them had a sword in one hand and a torch in the other. Together they stormed into the throne room. Now Ser Barristan could see the whole of it, and he couldn't believe what he saw. By the Seven, I must be dreaming! But it was not a dream, it was a nightmare.

There won't be a coronation ceremony today. And someone is going to pay for this, he thought bitterly. The other guards stood there silently, shocked by the scene they were seeing in the middle of the throne room. Ser Barristan knew that the next few hours would be important. He took a deep breath as he began to shout his instructions.

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House Targaryen

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Faction: Game Mod
Role: Game Mod
We now have thirteen players.  Since someone had to drop out and our back-up player can't start yet, the game now starts on Wednesday, August 18, at 12 PM EDT/4 PM GMT.  More sign-ups are always welcome, particularly since you'd let our selfless back-up player off the hook. :)  We'll update this thread if there's a change.
House Targaryen

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Faction: Game Mod
Role: Game Mod
I'm now going to send out the role and alt informations over on Soph's board. Hence don't wonder if your PM box here is still empty when the game begins.

This is a roleless innocent's message:

login information

alt: House Wannabee

login: House Kingofpop
password: isuck


roleless innocent

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Role: Game Mod
The Game

(or The Scene That Goes on for Way Too Long)

"What do you mean, 'missing'?" repeated Daenerys.

Ser Barristan was looking at her with a mixture of caution and concern that annoyed her.  It was not the kind of look one was supposed to give a queen.  "Your Grace, our men have combed every inch of the Red Keep.  We've found no trace of it."

"No."  She couldn't stop shaking her head.  "The coronation is tomorrow.  My ancestors have ruled from that throne since the days of Aegon the Conqueror.  This...this must all be a mistake."

"I'm afraid I saw the Great Hall with my own eyes," said Barristan.  "The Iron Throne has indeed been stolen."

Dany's sleep that night had been restless, haunted by visions of frozen bodies and violent battles.  In her dream a faint voice had called her name. She did not remember waking, only that something had compelled her to rise from her bed and drift toward an elaborate golden-fringed tapestry hanging near the window.  She'd expected to see the revealed stairway descending into darkness even before she'd drawn the tapestry back.  

The steps led to a narrow, winding passage below.  No torches lit her way.  In the pitch blackness, the end of the tunnel beckoned to her, and her bare feet carried her as if by their own will across the cold floor.   The spell was broken by the sound of panicked voices from outside.  It was with no small measure of relief that Dany turned and darted as fast as she could through the dank passageway back to her room.  The Red Keep was transforming her into more of a Targaryen with every passing day.  She knew enough of her family's history to fear where the transformation would lead.

When she'd returned to her bedchamber, Ser Barristan and the rest of the Queensguard had been waiting, frantic with worry.  She'd brushed off their anxious questions and dismissed all of them save Barristan.  Then the old knight had told her what had happened, and her drowsiness had given way to fury.

"That's ridiculous," said Dany.  "It's a giant metal throne.  One ten feet high and forged from a thousand live blades.  Just think of the logistics!"  She began to pace.  "You mean to tell me someone breached a room guarded at both ends, slew two guards without rousing the others, and then carried the Iron Throne, in his arms, out the door and past the castle walls?" Her voice took on a shrill, hysterical note.  "Without cutting himself to ribbons? Right under the noses of scores of castle guards and servants?"

"Well...yes," said Barristan feebly.  "Don't blame me.  Piper of Chaos came up with this scenario."

"How could this happen?" she cried.  "I demand an explanation for this!"

The old man averted his eyes and took a deep breath as if to steel himself.  "Tell me," said Dany, in a cold, dangerous voice.

Barristan sighed.  "We--we found a note on one of the bodies."

Reluctantly, he retrieved a scrap of bloodstained parchment from the pouch at his belt.  She snatched the note from his hands and began to read:

Dear Queen Loser,

See, I spent decades playing the shadowy puppetmaster behind the scenes and working my ass off to put my devious and overly complicated schemes into action.  I was really looking forward to being king.  But then you came along with your sparkly dragons and magical prophecy and ruined everything!  Now, I could have just killed you, but that would have lacked style.  So I decided the best way to get my revenge would be to make sure you would never sit the throne--literally!  That's right, I stole the Iron Throne.  There's nothing you can do to stop me.

So long, suckers.

Lord Petyr Baelish

P.S.: Catelyn Tully was prettier than you'll ever be.

"Littlefinger," she whispered.  Suddenly she understood.

"We've received word that one of his ships has left the port.  He must have set sail for--"

"The guards," said Dany.  Her hands were shaking with rage.  "From powerful noble houses. They were his idea.  Baelish must have planned for this.  And I trusted him."

Barristan nodded sadly.  "That's what I think as well.  Some among them must be traitors."

A faint buzzing started in her ears.  Not again.  She could stand no more.  The prophecy had spoken of only three betrayals, yet she had been sold by everyone she'd ever shown kindness to.  Turncloaks lay in every corner.  In that instant the world became dark and dangerous, and every shadow in her room took on a menacing dimension.  She wanted to hurt something.

"They betrayed me," said Dany.  Her voice was steady, even as the buzzing hummed at a constant pitch in the background.  "And even if they didn't, they allowed it to happen.  Kill them all."

Barristan blanched.  "Your Grace?  At most a handful of them are responsible.  Isn't that rather...excessive?  Those men have sworn their lives to you."

"Men swore their lives to my father and brother.  What did their oaths mean on the Trident?  I will show them I do not tolerate treason."

"But Your Grace," he pleaded, "you cannot execute the sons of powerful allies to prove a point.  The act would tear apart the realm!  Forgive me, but this plan would be pure folly."

"Folly?"  She spun toward him.  "I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons and Slaves, the Prince Who Was Promised, Azor Ahai Reborn, Khaleesi of Great Grass Sea, Queen of the Andals and Rhoynars and First Men, Queen of Meereen, breaker of chains, slayer of Others, and bringer of summer.  My dragons have crushed ancient strongholds and blackened snowfields with the ashes of wights.  Thousands upon thousands have bent their knees at the sight of my host.  I saved the world.  I restored peace to the Seven Kingdoms.  I discovered the mystery behind the bastard Jon Snow's parentage.  I cured leprosy.  I won a wrestling match with a giant kraken while blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back."

"That was indeed a sight to behold," said Barristan.

"Don't you dare interrupt me.  I shall show my enemies what it means to wake the dragon!  Tomorrow we will hold a bonfire by Baelor's Sept.  Let them try feeding me more honeyed lies as they scream in pain.  Every last filthy traitor will burn!"

She snarled and flung herself at the old man.  The buzzing reached an intolerable volume and drowned out all thought.  All she wanted to do was choke him, wrap her fingers around his neck and destroy him for showing insolence to the blood of the--

Her hand was at his collar when she caught herself.  Barristan had taken a step back, but ever the loyal retainer, had not raised a hand to protect himself.  The expression on his face made her sick.  There was an air of resignation about him.  As if he had seen this before.

The room around her seemed to lurch, and her vision turned fuzzy.  Dany buried her head in her hands.

What is happening to me?

"Your Grace," said Barristan, "would you like some water?  I can fetch a servant--"

"No," whispered Dany.  "I...I'm fine."  She drew back, her face burning with humiliation.  She walked shakily toward her four-poster bed and made it just before her legs gave way.

The bed creaked beside her, and she felt the touch of an old hand, its fingertips roughened by sword calluses, upon her own.  

"Upon my word, we will deal with the traitors," said Ser Barristan, in a voice that soothed Dany with its gentleness.  "But we must handle the matter delicately.  You understand.  Your compassion has always been your greatest strength."

"I understand."  She met his gaze. "But we must...we must make an example of them somehow.  Otherwise they'll think I'm weak."

Barristan frowned and was silent for a few moments, then said, "Perhaps there is another way."

Dany sat up straight and took a deep breath to calm herself.  She would be a just ruler, she decided, and give Barristan's words a fair hearing.  It was what Rhaegar would have done.  "You know I've always valued your counsel, Arstan."

"There's an old game they play in the Free Cities, one popular with sellsword captains when they believe spies have infiltrated a company.  They let their men unearth the enemy in their midst and pray to the gods to guide the decision.   Soldiers cast votes for their suspects.  The first suspect with more than half the votes by nightfall is slain."

Dany nodded.  "I'd heard tales of this from Illyrio.  It's a good plan.  The families could not complain--all blame for the executions would lie at the feet of the guards themselves.  But tell me, is this method effective?"

She thought she saw Ser Barristan fidget uncomfortably, but she dismissed it as a trick of the candlelight or her feverish mind.  "Yes.  Other than in the mornings when we discover the bod--I mean, yes.  Certainly.  No caveats at all, Your Grace."

She smiled.  She was beginning to feel like herself again.  Forcing herself to marshal her thoughts into ordered patterns, she stood up and headed toward the door.  Tomorrow, the blood of her enemies would be spilled.  Dawn could not come too soon.

"We must make haste, Ser Barristan," said Daenerys. "Summon the Queensguard.  Have them round up Littlefinger's guards and confine the traitors to a shared cell.  Those men must be watched at all times."

The rest of the night flew by as she worked for long hours at her writing desk, driven by an unknown source of energy.  When the servants came with a quill and inkwell and a ream of parchment, she forced herself to decline their tempting offers of baked tea, fried ice cream and boiled cookies.  She had more important matters that needed her attention.  On the piece of parchment she wrote thirteen names.

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House Targaryen

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Game starts...NOW!
House Kenning

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Dae ye ken wat I ken? Tis al in te kenning.
House Webber

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View PostHouse Kenning, on Aug 19 2009, 19.01, said:

Dae ye ken wat I ken? Tis al in te kenning.
You're from the Glasgow end of Westeros then?

I vote Kenning for the suspiciously fake accent.

(:lol: at the great opening scenes)
House Targaryen

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The Cliff's Notes version of the scene for people who don't want to read the whole thing:

-The Iron Throne has been stolen.
-They think Littlefinger bribed some of the guards to walk off with it.
-Dany is crazy and Baratheon is worried.
-You're all playing Mafia to find the culprits for...some reason.

It is day 1.

13 players remain:  Appleton,  Brune,  Dondarrion,  Drumm,  Fenn,  Hoare,  Kenning,  Liddle,  Myre,  Royce,  Stonetree,  Tarth,  Webber.

7 votes are needed for a conviction or to go to night.

13 players have not voted:  Appleton,  Brune,  Dondarrion,  Drumm,  Fenn,  Hoare,  Kenning,  Liddle,  Myre,  Royce,  Stonetree,  Tarth,  Webber.
House Royce

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Appleton? Fenn? Liddle? Whom I am between?
House Webber

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View PostHouse Royce, on Aug 19 2009, 19.06, said:

Appleton? Fenn? Liddle? Whom I am between?

Waits for the stampede screaming "symp clue, symp clue!"

Um.... mind explaining what's specially fatal about those three players Royce, preferably before you get trampled by the mob?
House Targaryen

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It is day 1.

13 players remain:  Appleton,  Brune,  Dondarrion,  Drumm,  Fenn,  Hoare,  Kenning,  Liddle,  Myre,  Royce,  Stonetree,  Tarth,  Webber.

7 votes are needed for a conviction or to go to night.

1 vote for  Kenning ( Webber)

12 players have not voted:  Appleton,  Brune,  Dondarrion,  Drumm,  Fenn,  Hoare,  Kenning,  Liddle,  Myre,  Royce,  Stonetree,  Tarth.

Now Mina-mod is off to work for the day.
House Brune

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All rise! Behold the entrance of The Grand and Mighty Farcus Brune, Son of Othor Brune, Lord of Asshai, Ruler of the Sixteen Kingdoms, Slayer of Dragons and Captor of Suffering!

Brune commands that there is an incongruity in the writing style of the scenes. Brune is impressed with the writing ability but is disturbed by the inconsistency. These wrongs must be righted.

Brune has spoken.
House Webber

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View PostHouse Brune, on Aug 19 2009, 19.13, said:

All rise! Behold the entrance of The Grand and Mighty Farcus Brune, Son of Othor Brune, Lord of Asshai, Ruler of the Sixteen Kingdoms, Slayer of Dragons and Captor of Suffering!

Brune commands that there is an incongruity in the writing style of the scenes. Brune is impressed with the writing ability but is disturbed by the inconsistency. These wrongs must be righted.

Brune has spoken.

Welcome, Mighty Flatus of Brune.
House Brune

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View PostHouse Webber, on Aug 19 2009, 16.14, said:

Welcome, Mighty Flatus of Brune.
Heresy! Stone him!

Brune is disgusted by his signature. It must be changed immediately.

Brune has spoken.
House Kenning

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View PostHouse Webber, on Aug 20 2009, 03.14, said:

Welcome, Mighty Flatus of Brune.

I read it as Fartus. :stunned:
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